Greek Mainland Road Trip

Greek islands may be world-famous, due to the exotic beaches and scenic landscapes with white houses, but on the mainland a visitor can experience lesser known but amazing road trips. Explore some of the best places in mainland Greece, including mountain and sea.

  • Athens – Arahova

    173 km - 2 hours

    Starting from Athens and driving north, in about 2 hours you will find
    the picturesque village of Viotia, called Arachova. Little alleys among the
    stone-made houses fill with the smells from the traditional taverns to charm
    the visitor. For these reasons, thousands of Greeks visit Arahova during the
    winter as the village has its beautiful scenery, combined with snow.

  • Arahova - Delphi

    11 km - 15 minutes

    In a short distance from Arahova, you will find the ancient city of
    Delphi, the most important ancient ‘oracle’ of Greece. Enjoy wandering this
    whole ancient town and its monuments.

  • Delphi - Plastiras lake

    197 km - 3 hours

    After 3 hours driving further, the picturesque view of Plastiras lake rewards you. The lake area offers many outdoor activities such as horseback riding, 4x4 driving, lake bicycling and more. Take with you memories of historical monasteries built from stone, shelters, botanical gardens, lakeside cafes, taverns with lake views, quaint villages and a unique observatory of the whole lake. 

  • Plastiras Lake - Kalambaka (Meteora)

    85 km - 1 hour and 35 minutes

    In about a half hour, you will reach Kalambaka, the city that lives in the shadow of the impressive rocks of Meteora. A UNESCO World Heritage monument, Meterora is a unique geological phenomenon, with an impressive vista. Each monastery of Meteora has its own unique story. 

  • Kalambaka - Metsovo

    62 km - 1 hour and 10 minutes

    Driving northwest for about an hour, you will find yourself among stone paths, picturesque houses, lakes, rivers, trees and traditional flavors. The world-famous cheese Metsovone is produced here. Whether you are a nature buff, love hiking, or a photography buff, Metsovo is a not-to-be-missed destination in Greece.

  • Metsovo – Ioannina

    50 km – 45 minutes

    A city built next to the famous lake, Ioannina is a beautiful and ideal town popular with nature photographers. Do not miss traveling to the little island in the mirrored lake and learn about its history. 

  • Ioannina - Parga

    100 km - 1 hour and 20 minutes

    Although Parga is only a distance of 100 km from Ioannina, the scenery of the little town is another world. Crystal blue water and beautiful beaches make Parga one of the most attractive places of western Greece. The city compares to similar cities on the Amalfi coast of the Mediterranean and offers an abandoned village, springs of river Aheronas, and other unique sights nearby.

  • Parga - Lefkada

    90 km - 1 hour 30 minutes

    Lefkada is one of the incredible seven islands of western Greece, Eptanisa. You can visit what many consider the best island, Lefkada, by car via Aktion tunnel. Exotic beaches like world famous Egremnoi, Kathisma and Saint Nikitas are popular attractions in Lefkada. Don’t miss a visit to the medieval castle of Santa Mavras.

  • Lefkada - Mesolongi

    124 km - 1 hour and 45 minutes

    Refresh yourself with a stop in the city of heroes just before the end of our journey. War memorials, a lagoon and traditional Greek flavors await the visitor.

  • Mesolongi - Nafpaktos

    43 km - 40 minutes

    When you enter Nafpaktos, you will think that a window opened in time and you have entered another era. The Venetian harbor, the beech forest, the castle of Antirrio, and the view of the Corinthian Gulf are favorites. Tip, try the traditional homemade pies of Nafpaktos like Babanatsa (mizithra cheese, spinach, and more).

  • Nafpaktos - Athens

    220 km - 2 hours and 35 minutes

    The idyllic return road starts at the impressive bridge of Rio-Antirio. A last stop at the Corinth Canal with the breathtaking view brings the road trip to a close.

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